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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing va disability spousal letter

Instructions and Help about va disability spousal letter

You've been fighting for your service connected veterans benefits claims for some time hi my name is Steve Bandar Bandar be under announced specialists and veterans disability benefits you have a claim and you're waiting for your compensation and pension exam which is an examination by one of the VA doctors what should you be doing while you're waiting for that compensation and pension exam well one of the things that you should be doing is getting letters or office notes from your doctor that confirm that your condition is service-connected and also confirm the percentage at which you should be rated for instance if you have a back claim your back claim goes by range of motion a test with the Gani ometer or one of those slide rules by your doctor to measure your range of motion that can be assistive in getting you to the benefits that or the level that you want to get before you get to your compensation and pension exam you want evidence in your file that supports the percentage that you're looking for making it easier for the compensation and pension examiner to corroborate your doctor's findings getting a proper nexus letter or a connection letter from your doctor it's important that they know the rules it's important that they know the scheduler ratings and it's important that they write in veterans language what benefits that you're entitled to if you want to learn more about Social Security disability benefits or veterans disability benefits subscribe to our youtube page watch our other videos look us up at bandar - bandar comm or call us at one eight hundred two eight six eight six eight six i am steve bandar of Bandar Bandar and Alice.